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About this Series

The World Dog Shows are held in different countries each year.  Rangeaire Vision has chosen to produce six of the major World Dog shows to showcase many of the rare and important breeds of Europe.  Every detail that a keen dog lover would appreciate has been covered including movement, judging, close ups, multi-camera shots and explanations of the judging.  These productions feature the full show coverage including judging of all 10 FCI Groups with special emphasis on rare and unusual breeds and including agility and many interesting demonstrations.

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World Dog Show 2001 - Porto, Portugal

Portugal captures the atmosphere and highlights including the unforgettable experience of the spectacular closing ceremony featuring the magnificent white Lusitano stallions.  Featured are all eight Portuguese breeds, many of which are rarely seen outside Portugal. It also features the Final of the Junior Showmanship, Heelwork to Music, some of the International Obedience Competition and much more.

  2 disks
(6 hours)

World Dog Show 2000 - Milan, Italy

This large show of 16,000 dogs had true Italian personality complete with a background of Verdi music.  The video features all 14 indigenous Italian breeds and many breeds from the southern European countries. Also, included is footage of the rare Norwegian Lundehund which has extra toes on all feet. The quality of the dogs appearing in group line-ups at this show was outstanding.

  2 disks
(6 hours)

World Dog Show 1998 - Helsinki, Finland

This glamorously staged event began with a street march of over 4000 dogs and was officially opened in the City Square.  Each Group Special class was introduced with laser lights and a theatrical appearance of the judge.  The entry of 16,000 dogs was boosted by the strong representation and diversity of the Spitz Group and the rare and unusual breeds from Scandinavia and Russia.

  2 disks
(6 hours)

World Dog Show 1996 - Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary

Incredibly, this 4 day World Dog Show was held on alternate days in each country. In Vienna, there were amazing demonstrations including protection work, search and rescue and herding of Indian runner ducks.  Also a hit was the appearance of the famous Austrian dog TV star "Rex" and the World International Individual Agility Competition.  Hungary displayed its unique breeds handled by local exhibitors wearing traditional dress.  The typically Hungarian ceremony of the Best In Show presentation was spectacular.

  2 disks
(6 hours)

World Dog Show 1995 - Brussels, Belgium

Held in the World Trade Centre in Brussels, this World Dog Show covered a very large number of rare and unusual breeds.  The opening ceremony featured traditional Belgian folk themes which introduced all the Belgian breeds.  Highlights of this video included demonstrations of dogs for the disabled, dogs for the blind, water rescue, a display of French hounds, an excellent gundog presentation and the International Team Agility Competition.

  2 disks
(6 hours)

World Dog Show 1994 - Bern, Switzerland

Although this video does not cover all 4 days, there is footage of all the Swiss breeds and eight of the ten Best in Group judging as well as Best In Show judged by a fellow Australian.  This video includes a colourful carting demonstration of flower laden carts pulled by breeds of Swiss origin and handlers in traditional Swiss costume.

  1 disk
(3 hours)

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Customer Comments

  • I particularly like the spotlight on the breeds of the country hosting the show. You do a great job, please keep it up!! (WDS 2001, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1995, 1994)
    Judy Lynne, Nth Richmond NSW, Australia
  • I want to congratulate you both for the excellent work done on the World Dog Show. The video is superb, very professional, complete and full of interest. (WDS 2001)
    Rui Valante de Araujo, Press Officer Portuguese Kennel Club and Master of Ceremonies World Dog Show 2001, Lisbon Portugal
  • They (your videos) are super! You did a wonderful job travelling around the country and showing a bit of Portugal and portuguese culture. Beautiful! We re-lived those moments of unique emotion. (WDS 2001)
    Fernando Gomes, Fermelă Portugal
  • The videos arrived yesterday. They are wonderful.  Even my not-so-doggy husband was transfixed by the World Show 2000 tape I was watching when he got home from his business trip. (WDS 2000)
    Dr Sarah Morgan, Terenure Dublin Eire
  • All people I know who have seen your production have been pleased about high quality and professional touch of your work.  (WDS 1998)
    Kari Jarvinen, President Finnish Kennel Club, Finland
  • It was a good video, there were breeds I had never seen before on it. (WDS 1996)
    Margaret Cotton, Secretary, Nelson Branch of Judges' Association, Nelson New Zealand
  • I must remark how long your video is. It is really good value for money. Keep up the good work. Your video is so well presented.  (WDS 1996)
    Kate Martin, Trinity Beach Queensland Australia
  • Both myself and the series producer thoroughly enjoyed the tapes. The vision and I might say the production standards were very high on both sets of videos.  (WDS 1995, 1996)
    Nathan Gibbs, Foxtel channel programming, Pyrmont NSW
  • A wonderful experience to watch . . . what a lot of work went into the production . . . but I think most of all congratulations of such a high calibre of work. During the editing you must have eaten, slept and dreamt of the World Dog Show.  (WDS 1995)
    Myles Chadwick, Greendale Harare Zimbabwe
  • It was fascinating seeing so many different breeds . . . thank you for making them so interesting and informative . . we appreciate all the hard work.  (WDS 1995)
    Lynda and Maurice Van der Hoeven, Salisbury North South Australia
  • Thank you for all your efforts . . . if the second tape is anywhere as entertaining as the first, we are in for a treat.  (WDS 1995)
    L Costa, Waterloo South Australia
  • I enjoyed both videos immensely . . . your videos keep getting better all the time . . . they are well done and very explanatory.  (WDS 1994)
    T Ryan, Lynwood Western Australia
  • We thoroughly enjoyed the video, especially interested in the rare breeds not seen here. (WDS 1994)
    Betty Henry, Healesville Victoria


  • DVD - AUD$50 (+ postage & packaging)
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